Happy fucking spring break

Everyone loves breaks away from school. But you see, I’m different…I don’t like breaks. I like going to school because I’m not alone. But when there is a break, I have no one to hang out with or talk to so I get really depressed. And my friend was supposed to hangout with me yesterday and today and she hasn’t talked to me once yet…this is like the 5th rime she has done this. She was my only hope and yea…so I’m alone and depressed. Happy fucking spring break.


People say when you get hurt, to bite your lip or punch your arm or do something to cause pain to yourself to forget about the pain that was first there. Well, what about the pain inside? Inside your mind, the kind of pain that is tearing your soul and mind apart? That’s the reason why people cut, or burn, or do any other form of self harm. To try and forget the pain that was already there….and sadly, sometimes the pain doesn’t do away. It just gets bigger and you cut more or burn more…but its still not enough. That’s when suicide comes…you’ve reached the edge, you just want to forget the pain!